Water Loss Abatement


This program allows customers in good standing (i.e., current on all bills and charges) who have enrolled and paid the annual fee to receive credit on their water bills of up to $500.00 maximum per year, per customer, for water loss due to leaks which occur on their side of the meter. Credits cannot be used to cover the cost of filling a pool, leaving water, or a hose run, as these are not leaks.

The Annual fee is $30.00 per account, due by December 21, 2023 (the amount is subject to increase in future years).

Sign-up forms will be mailed to customers prior to December 1. The Abatement Policy will be in effect for a water loss due to a leak from January 2024 through December 2024 billings.

This policy applies only to the account holder (land owner) of a residential 5/8" meter set.

Customers must sign up by December 21, 2023, to be eligible. The fees are non-transferable, and no refunds will be generated upon finalizing (closing) an account.

All costs for repairs remain the responsibility of the Owner/Account Holder. The customer must notify the District Office when a water leak is discovered and repairs are completed. Customers will have 60 days to notify the District of the leak and repairs to be eligible for leak abatement money. Once BORWD verifies the occurrence, the customer is required to pay their "average" usage for that month, which is held in the computer based on the last twelve months. The water balance of the bill would be credited, not exceeding the $500.00 yearly maximum. Leak Abatement money cannot cover the account's late fees or penalties. After reaching the maximum amount, the customer is responsible for any additional costs or water leaks for the remainder of the year. The District retains the right to require proof of repairs, such as receipts.

If you desire to be enrolled, please contact the District for the necessary forms.