Source Water Protection

Help Protect Our Resources

Water is one of, if not, the most valuable resource in the world. Daily, people open a faucet with expectations safe drinking water will run out in an unlimited quantity. The importance of water can easily be summed up with the knowledge that water is required to sustain life. The Water District is asking residents to become involved in protecting a resource that is regularly overlooked and taken for granted by most of the people who depend on it for survival. Routinely, drinking water sources are exposed to risks from contamination due to lack of knowledge, indifference, reckless disposal of petroleum products, used engine oil, antifreeze, household chemicals, pesticides, malfunctioning sewage systems, and the list goes on. Everyone can become involved in helping to protect the ground and surface water supply by using proper recycling and disposal practices, observing and reporting disposal practices that negatively impact source water areas.

For more information please visit the Ohio EPA's website: