About Us

Started in 1959, the Burr Oak Regional Water District (BORWD) provides a safe drinking water supply to over 38,000 Athens, Hocking, Morgan, and Perry County residents.  Eight (8) board members, residents of the four (4) counties served, make informed decisions to determine BORWD's current operations and future direction.  The water system is operated 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, by approximately 10 district staff members.

BORWD operates and maintains six (6) wells, a 4-million gallon/day plant, four (4) booster pump stations, and eight (8) water storage tanks, in addition to many miles of 6" through 18" water lines.

BORWD serves a total of 17 satellite systems comprised of eight (8) villages, seven (7) rural water systems, and the Burr Oak State Park System. 

Board Members
Jay Ferguson, President
JoAnn Rockhold, Vice President
John Walker, Secretary
John Trovato, Treasurer
Doug Davis
David Kangas
Jim O'Brien
Steve Williams

Staff Members
District Administration
Michael Elliott - District Manager
Ralph T. Davis - Class III, District Operations Manager, Operator of Record
David Jolley - Class I, Assistant District Operations Manager
Wendy Aichele - Administrative Assistant
Bailey Bickley - Administrative Assistant

District Operations
Kevin Plant - Class II, Treatment Plant Operator, Operator of Record
Jeff Eveland - Class I, Treatment Plant Operator
Chris Altier - Class I, Treatment Plant Operator
Nathan Fisher - Class I, Treatment Plant Operator
Matt Hobart - Operator in Training

District Distribution
Roy Dodson - Distribution Foreman
Ryan Morgan - Equipment Operator